Myanmar Music

Myanmar Music
Myanmar traditional music are based from the sounds made from instruments grouped in the following five categories.

1) Kyee

Kyee or Bronze made instruments such as gongs.

2) Kyoo

Kyoo or String instruments such as Harp.

3) Tha Yey

Tha Yey or Hide instruments like drums.

4) Lei

Lei or Wind instruments such as Flute.

5) Let Khok

Let Khok or Clappers. such as the Bamboo clappers.

In today’s modern musical troupe. piano. accordion. trumpet. guitars. organs and other instruments are also included to compose songs.

Here are some more about Myanmar Music and its components.

  • Maha Gita or Classical Music of Myanmar
  • Myanmar Orchestra or Myanma Saing Waing
  • Concert or Myanmar Zatpwe

Some Myanmar Musical Instrument Harp

  • Harp or Saung
  • Xylophone or Pattalar
  • Flute or Hne
  • Other musical instruments